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Virtual Summer School 2017

People in the global world are expected to assume full responsibility for their lives. The modern society needs innovative and creative individuals who are able to recognise and seize many opportunities. The development of entrepreneurship is of key importance for the present and future.

This topic will be in focus of the 9th international virtual summer school bearing the title: Fit for Business Fit for Life, held from 6th June to 3rd July 2017.

Summer School Objectives

Programme 2017

Opening of the Summer School 2017: Opening lecture, 6th June, at 20:00

How can responsible individuals resist fake news: Fake news, a recent phenomenon in media

The expression “fake news” has been proclaimed the word of 2016 by Oxford Dictionaries. Fake news or also post-truth quickly spread through traditional and social media due to the lack of critical and research journalist practices. Two outstanding examples in 2016 were Brexit and the US presidential elections. Issues regarding the accountability and even culpability of media as to their impact on public opinion cause more and more concern. It is not only a matter to seriously think over the role and responsibility of media in our society, but also over the role of public relations which need to start acting as a counter-balance to post-truth and fake news if they want to enhance their integrity and legitimacy, and contribute to the building of ethical, democratic and responsible public communication space.

Free Webinars

We invite you to join free webinars in our virtual summer school. For listening and active participation you only need an internet connection and headsets with microphone. The webinars start at Central European Time (CET).

International Week Creative Cross Cultural Communication - Get Your First Online Lesson for Free

Seize the opportunity of direct intercultural communication and business networking and join our group of participants from different countries in International week. It will run from 15th to 25th June. Certificate of attendance will be delivered to each participant after the international week. The course is held in English.

Last year, there were 135 participants from 29 countries in the International week.

Study course "Intercultural Management"

The world is varied, interesting and beautiful. And it is precisely its variety and diversity that keep us busy. Why? Wherever we are, be it fulfilling our everyday tasks or working, studying, enjoying free time, everywhere we meet other people. If we travel, move, network (virtually or in real life), we come across different people, we use products from different countries, continents, cultures.

During the course, we shall try to peep into this important field of modern management and life. Our own experience will be looked at from the experts’ point of view who researched this topic. The acquired knowledge will be tested in practice through team work and individual tasks assignment.

The course Intercultural Management figures on the list of bachelor’s programme courses and will be held in English. All those who successfully finished the secondary school, can enrol on the course.

Due to an increased interest in the summer school, the number of participants is limited.