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Virtual summer school 2015

Do you want to meet students from different countries? Do you want to have a multicultural experience? Do you want to build on your social network? Do you want to experience e-learning? Do you want to explore new job opportunities? You can have all that joining International Virtual Summer School...

FACT: Last year International Week brought together 272 participants from 22 countries. Get ready for great experiences with international participants in 2015.

The 7th Virtual Summer School entitled ˮThink Globally, Live Virtuallyˮ will last from 9th June to 6th July 2015 teaching the students with lectures and webinars broadcasted online. In addition to this, the experience will be developed through tasks, forums and other tools. All courses are held in online learning mode, but are offering an oportunity to meet students from different countries. You will have an opportunity to work in multicultural virtual teams and learn how to communicate in global business. Take the opportunity of multicultural experience and social networking!

International Week Creative Cross Cultural Communication - Get Your First Online Lesson for Free

Seize the opportunity of direct intercultural communication and business networking and join our group of participants from different countries in International week. Active participation in the international week Creative Cross Cultural Communication will enable you to raise your intercultural awareness and gain confidence in intercultural dialogue.

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Programme Courses

Bachelor programme courses (June 9 - July 6, 2015):

Master's programme courses (June 9 - July 17, 2015):

Master's programme courses are prepared for all already having Bachelor degree and wanting to add a master course whether for the purpose of Lifelong learning or completing a master's programme.

Other Courses

The application is open until 30th May 2015.