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How Does It Work?

Online learning takes place in the virtual learning platform, Blackboard, with continuous support from your tutor. The programme has a modular structure, which means that you study one course at a time for a period of 5 to 6 weeks. You choose the time and place to study – morning, afternoon or evening, at home, in an environment, where you feel comfortable.

Online learning is much more than just listening to recordings of lectures.

Once you register for a course or programme, you will be given a Login and Password to enter Blackboard Virtual Platform. The platform is an online environment that provides individualised resources, information and services from one simple and secure login point.

After you successfully log in, Blackboard will allow you to view your lessons, resources and assignments, downloads and study books, access webinars, engage in learning activities, communicate and interact with lecturers, tutors and classmates in forums, chat rooms, on wikis, blogs, plan by managing your Calendar and ask for academic and technical support when needed.

Organisation of the Study

In our courses, the focus is on active and problem-based learning. A significant element is individual study in cooperation with both teachers and tutors. Student work is designed on a continuous basis, as is the student’s assessment. Students must meet their study obligations (seminars, project work, team-based problem solutions, tests) on a day-to-day basis either individually or in teams, as the results will significantly affect the final grade achieved in a course.

Good to know – Activities continuously pursued within the framework of a course and assessed with a positive grade can count as a substitute for the final examination in the course.