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7 Days a Week Support

You are not alone in online learning – from your first day through graduation and beyond, you have access to an extensive support team with tutors, professors, the school’s staff and technical support.

Studying online doesn't mean studying alone.

In online distance learning, the tutor is of key importance for the students’ success. This is the opinion of our students, who gave their tutors a grade of 6.4 on a seven-point scale.

The Tutor

In online learning, the tutor is an important key to a student's success. He/she will be your guide and will encourage the exchange of ideas across the group, giving you personal feedback by drawing on their experiences and knowledge.

The majority of our tutors work in the private and public sectors while also tutoring in our programmes.

FACT: The tutor support programme is so successful that it has a satisfaction rating of 6.5 out of 7 as rated by our students.

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