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Online Learning

DOBA Business School is one of the leading provider and developer of true and comprehensive online learning in Europe with the UNIQUE international quality certification for online learning.

We offer top-quality, state-of-the-art and the most comprehensive and student-friendly online learning, which is continually updated and upgraded.

Online learning is an alternative for those who are unable to attend face to face lectures due to their career or family commitments, such as full-time employed people who want to advance in their career, young adults with active lifestyles and young mothers with limited free time. When programmes are run fully online, no physical attendance in a classroom is necessary.

Meet George. He likes to travel and meet new people. He has been thinking about studying for a long time.

10 reasons to study at DOBA Business School

  1. My studies are completed faster and more efficiently: I study in a continuous manner and I get continuous feedback, I adapt my studies to my learning style and the learning environment enables active and practical studying.
  2. I save time and money: I do not have to commute, I do not have to search for a free parking space or for my classroom, I can spend more time with my family and engage in leisure activities, I do not incur travel expenses, I do not need a babysitter and I can complete my studies faster.
  3. I attend Introductory Days: I learn how to confidently embark on the path of successful and effective online learning.
  4. My classroom is at my fingertips: I study from home or work, the material is always available online and I do not need to make inconvenient trips to the library.
  5. Online tutors are always available: I ask questions and talk about my dilemmas directly in the course forum or by email and I get answers seven days a week.
  6. It is easier to concentrate and communicate with others: I am not exposed to disturbing factors in my immediate environment and I can more easily focus on what matters.
  7. I gain new skills and knowledge that are needed in today's world: I am organised, I improve my computer skills and competencies from the field of new technologies, I am more efficient in communication and cooperation with others and I know how to tackle information.
  8. I am not late for or miss out on lectures because of other commitments: I can complete my tasks and work and am not dependent on time.
  9. I can focus on my career and family during my studies: I allocate the time when to study myself.
  10. I get to know new people: close cooperation, communication and interaction result in new acquaintances and friendships that enrich my personal and professional life. Our students study online from 35 countries around the world.

See how interesting and effective online learning can be in our free demo course.

How is the high quality of online learning ensured