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Why Choose DOBA

We prepare you for lifelong learning, which is the only way to keep upgrading and updating your skills and competencies and to help you develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Contemporary European Knowledge with Practical Examples Meeting Emerging Needs

Companies with their eye on the future are innovative and have enterprising individuals. Knowledge in entrepreneurship, recognising opportunities, human resource management and modern business management have been recognised as the most important aspects in the development of entrepreneurship in the next 10 years.

Excellence in Teaching - 200 European Professors and Practicing Experts

We offer programmes that are modern, attractive and real-world oriented with a distinct European feel, with lecturers who have been recognised as industry experts with extensive practical references. Courses offered by DOBA Business School have been shaped through the cooperation of teachers and practicing experts and are updated every year to be in line with current and future business trends. Visiting national and international experts contribute to the enrichment of the programmes.

Rezultat iskanja slik za chooseChoose the Study Mode that Suits You Best

Fully online offering complete flexibility of studying and our comprehensive 24/7 support or modular blended learing with face to face lectures and seminars in English.



High - Quality Online Learning Certified by the European Foundation for Quality in E-learning EFQUEL

DOBA Business School holds the honour of being the first and only higher education institution in South-Eastern Europe to receive the UNIQUe international certification for quality in e-learning, which is awarded by the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning EFQUEL.

Excellent Tutor Support 7 Days a Week

Because of the high level of tutor support, our students perform better during exams, receive higher grades and are more satisfied with their learning experience. While studying at our business school, students are also assigned a Programme Manager, who is responsible for monitoring and motivating students from enrolment until graduation.

The Opportunity to Study in Internationally Varied Groups

Students have the opportunity to study in internationally varied groups and work to with other students who bring new ideas as well as their own professional and cultural experiences enriching the learning process. This cultural exchange provides added value to our programmes. Our students have numerous opportunities for networking and strengthening both business and private connections trough online learning, various programme-related activities, and active participation in the alumni club.

FACT: More than 3,200 graduates from over 35 different countries.

A Europe-Wide Recognised Degree (EU, including the UK)

DOBA Business School is a private fully accredited and internationally recognised European business school. As graduates of DOBA Business School, you will receive a degree recognised by the countries of the European Union, including the UK.

FACT: 56% of graduates used the diploma from DOBA Business School to advance in their career – promotion at the workplace, higher salary or full-time employment.