Boris Serti

Boris Sertić

Professors and tutors are literally available 24 hours a day and there were even cases when the tutor answered my questions in the late evening hours.


Can I study from my home or office?

Although you study as a foreign student at European Business School, you don't have to travel anywhere during your studies as you study fully online from the beginning till the end of the study.

Slovenia – A Story of Success and Happiness

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Slovenia is a small European country, a member of the European Union. It's located in the heart of Europe. It touches the Alps and borders the Adriatic see. Its neighbouring countries are Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. It has a population of 2.05 million. The capital and the largest city is Ljubljana, the second largest is Maribor, the city where DOBA has its headquarters. Feel free to have a look at the video of Maribor.